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Greetings, and welcome to the home of the Peace Keepers guild on the web. Peace Keepers has a guild on Runetotem (WoW) and on Shadowlands (Star Wars: The Old Republic). We peaceably coexist. This site is for all members.

Last Update: 4/2013
Other Guild News

Fatboss Raid Guides Reposted to Forums

Einher, Mar 24, 15 9:14 AM.
Please note that all appropriate Fatboss Raid Guides for Blackrock Foundry are now posted in the forums. Click on the forums link above to see individual forums, or click the link below to go to Fatboss's YouTube channel with all videos linked.

Using the new Selfie in 6.1

Einher, Feb 25, 15 11:27 AM.

Selfies - great idea. Shadow priest selfies? Suboptimal results. Post your selfies here! 

SWTOR Version 2.0 - Race to Makeb

Einher, Apr 11, 13 7:53 PM.

Initial two kills

Einher, Dec 10, 11 7:21 AM.

Not exactly the most challenging boss fights ever, are they?

Third boss on regular mode down - woot!

Einher, Dec 5, 11 5:26 AM.

This is the third boss kill in the new Dragon Soul instance. Kill shots from the previous two are still sitting on my laptop in Oakland at the moment, so regrets for not posting them sooner. They'll get posted... um... soon.

Wasn't sure we'd pull this off. Half of our regular team was out for one reason or another, and uneven gear/experience made for some very short pulls. However, PK is known for persistence, and persistence paid off.  Ice lady, on the other hand, is gonna be a challenge, that's for certain.

Great job, raiders!
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